Karyn Alvarez Hired Movers to Carrollton

This is my second full move with Quiver Full and I was so pleased with every aspect of the move. The four gentleman who moved us were respectful, courteous and so caring with our personal belongings.

But the most impressive act was not discussed nor shared, but it was certainly a light in my day. I keep a small jewelry pouch of my Mother's and Grandmother's jewelry underneath my vanity. It is worth a good amount of money and even more in sentimental value. I must admit, in the flurry to prepare for the move, I forgot about the pouch under the dresser.

A couple of days after the move, I went to my vanity to pull out some makeup and in the drawer was the pouch of my jewelry. As I shared, it was worth a lot of money and I wouldn't have thought about it for months after the move.

I don't know which of the four amazing young men found it. But whoever it was has a special place in my heart. As he was wrapping up the vanity, he found the pouch, placed it in the drawer, kept wrapping the vanity and had it moved.

There is honesty and integrity in this world and I hope this young man is commended in life and in heaven for his pure heart.

Many thanks, Karyn