Richard Ellis Hired Movers to Frisco

The Quiver Full team is top notch all the way around. Initial communication was excellent - answering all my questions and also mentioning things I didn't think about that impacted the price and the move. This helped provide guidance on purging prior to move.

The in-person quote process was straight forward - they made note of many big furniture items we were selling prior to the move, so they didn't factor those into the price. Their paperwork was professional, including a detailed inventory sheet that we filled out (and they added to during the move) so everyone was on the same page as to the condition of all our belongings that they were handling.

The packers and movers were all very polite and professional and dressed nicely. Packing was excellent and thorough - they protected our furniture well. And we were amazed with the care in moving in and out of rooms and the houses. I don't think they touched a single wall, which was a big concern moving into a new house with walls that were perfect. :) And they used two full crews with large, new trucks so the move out and move in were quick. The last company I used 10 years ago under-estimated the capacity of trucks needed, resulting in a couple trips and moving into the new house in the dark at 10pm at night. Quiver Full had us moved out in 3/4 of a day and moved in our new house in 3/4 of a day. (Both houses were large 5 bedrooms).

You could tell that these guys were experienced in packing and moving and knew what they were doing - they had a process and methods for efficiency and care of our belongings and the houses. Even friends that were helping us commented how impressed they were with the crews.

Overall - we were very impressed and will definitely recommend them to friends and use them again if we do move again in the future (hopefully not any time soon). They weren't the cheapest bid, but I care about our things and our house and it was worth paying a little more for the quality of service these guys provide. Thank you to Brian and Chris and team for running a great operation.