Amy Hired Movers to Richardson

The salesman grossly underestimated the amount of boxes I would have, he estimated 70-80 and I had 367 total.  I have no idea what size "boxes" he was using for reference, refrigerator boxes?  I had to pay 300 bucks extra, but getting rid of 2 futons that were in the estimate helped balance it out.  The salesman needs some sort of guideline on what size boxes to estimate with, but thats not really what's important anyway.

  I just want to talk about the moving team themselves. They were all good natured, cheery, friendly, and courteous.  They didn't break A SINGLE THING, and I am the queen of breakable knick knacks...there were tons of them.  They didn't make any marks on any walls, they didn't scuff anything, I really don't know how to describe the excellence of this crew.  I can guarantee there is not another moving company out there that will send people to your house of this caliber.  The horror stories I read with other companies...NOT WITH THIS ONE.  So let the salesman give you an estimate, add a few hundred buck safety window to it, and USE THIS COMPANY.  And feed them lunch, they deserve it.